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Everything You Need to Know About Retinol and Its Skincare Benefits

Everything You Need to Know About Retinol and Its Skincare Benefits

Now and then, you hear about a skincare ingredient taking over the market by a storm. However, trends come and go. But at Cirem, we use tried and tested effective ingredients that remain constant throughout. By reading the title of this blog, you would have guessed right. Yes, it’s retinol.

Retinol is one of our primary ingredients and you could be assured that you would get the best results with our products. Retinol has a lot to offer. It stimulates collagen to fight blemishes and proves to be vital for your skincare. Let us divulge deeper into retinol to find out why Cirem gives so much importance to this ingredient. Retinoid is a chemical related to vitamin A, which nourish your skin and are effective against a variety of skin conditions.

The Benefits of Retinol

Retinol is a highly versatile chemical which has ample benefits.

Effect on acne

Those suffering from moderate to severe acne, which is resistant to other forms of treatment, might find relief with retinoid. Retinoid unclogs the pores when it spreads on the skin. Owing to this, the medicated creams and gels you use for acne work better. Acne outbreaks are also reduced by retinol since the dead cells are unable to clog the pores. Since acne is cleared and outbreaks are reduced, there is a significant decline in the formation of acne scars as well. Pills containing retinol can also be used for treating bacteria which are responsible for causing acne and inflammation.

Effect on wrinkles

Tretinoin is a type of retinol which is approved by the FDA as a treatment to wrinkles. It enhances the production of new collagen. Blood vessels formation is also stimulated in the skin, which gives it a rosy look while at the same time reducing age spots. Precancerous skin spots known as actinic keratosis are also reduced with the treatment. The chemical is also capable of providing you with protection against the serious effects of UV radiation.

Effect on psoriasis

The growth of skin cells can be reduced by retinol in patients who have psoriasis. A small dab on the sore daily is sufficient to provide you with effective results.

Effects on warts

Retinol is sometimes also prescribed for warts in cases where other treatments have shown no improvement. The cell growth of warts is disrupted via retinol.

The Time Required for Results

There is no denying that retinols are highly effective in tackling skin-related problems. However, you cannot expect results within a short span. It will be months before the results become apparent. The longer that retinol is used, the more effective it will prove to be. Therefore, it is advisable to start using retinol during your adulthood if you wish to reap in its benefit of anti-aging. This does not imply that the chemical would not be of any use if you start to use it later in life. You will merely have to wait for a bit of time to get your desired results.

Use of retinol

Nearly everyone can use retinol without any inhibitions. The only time that you need to be cautious is when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. In such cases, you might want to discuss with your doctor before using the product.

It is also crucial that the product you use is high in quality. This is where Cirem stands out. Our products are all profound in quality and thus can be used without any apprehensions.

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