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Facial Serum vs. Facial Moisturizer: What’s the Difference?

Facial Serum vs. Facial Moisturizer: What’s the Difference?

Facial Serum vs. Facial Moisturizer: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wandered through the beauty aisle trying desperately to find the right product for you? Or trawled through beauty articles trying to memorize what ingredients to look out for?

There are so many different options, and it can be tricky to find the right fit. So, what’s the difference between facial serums and moisturizers? Keep reading to learn more about one of the most important beauty secrets.


What’s a facial serum?

Serum usually has a lighter consistency then moisturizing cream. These products are used to reach through to the deepest level of the skin. They also feature an active ingredient, so it’s best to apply serum following a toner, but before moisturizing cream. Serum can be used as an alternative to creams, or in addition to it, it’s up to you!

Serum is absorbed quickly into the skin and is a great hydration booster!

A high-quality serum will have a slew of different nutrients and vitamins to help repair and regenerate the skin. After using a serum, your skin will look and feel amazing!


How should you use serum?

You can use serum first thing in the morning, and before going to sleep. There are so many alternatives on the market, focusing on a variety of different skincare problems. There are serums to tackle many issues, including anti-aging, acne-prevention, dull skin, and scarring. A serum can help exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten the skin. A good serum can also decrease signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and lines.

The majority of the serum offerings on the market are water-based. Because there are no oils, a serum can greatly improve the absorption process in the skin. Serum is usually more expensive than other products, due to its active ingredients.

Remember that you only need a small amount of serum for each application.


What is a facial moisturizer? 

Facial moisturizer is thicker and creamier than the average serum. The main purpose of a lotion is to preserve in the natural moisture of the skin and add an extra boost. On top of this, some creams can target specific problems, such as UV light damage and wrinkles.

Moisturizer can also seal the skin to prevent water loss. However, by sealing the skin a moisturizer can block active ingredients. This is why serum must be used before applying your favorite cream for it to be effective. You don’t need more than a few drops to feel the effect of the serum.


What’s the difference?

The main difference between moisturizer and serum is that the latter doesn’t include sealing agents. This can include oil and petrolatum, which is commonly used in creams to seal in the moisturizer and keep your skin hydrated. There are also fewer “filler” ingredients in serums, and they are just focused on the active ingredient. If this wasn’t enough, serums have small particles that can be absorbed on a cellular level. This intensive product is a lot more effective than a common lotion.


Which one should I use? 

The answer to this question is both! A moisturizer and serum are the most effective when using a layering effect. Because moist skin can absorb products more effectively than dry skin make sure you apply a serum after you use a toner. Then, you can put on your moisturizer and you're ready to go. This is a great routine to get into morning and night. This is the best way to inject your skin with a boost of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins and then lock in all of that precious moisture.


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