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Taking care of our skin has become one of the top priorities of our daily lives. Our skin goes through so much stress daily due to the outside environment. We try to fix these skin issues when the problem can be prevented if you just take precautions when it comes to skin care. Below are the go-to tips that dermatologists swear by when it comes to protecting the skin.

Always Wear Sunscreen and Try to Avoid the Sun

Skin cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers out there. Why is that? Many people neglect to wear sunscreen before going out. That is why the number one tip from a dermatologist is to wear a hat or sunscreen whenever you go out. Your sunscreen should contain barrier-repairing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. A sunscreen containing SPF 30 to 50 with a broad-spectrum of both UVB and UVA protection is the ideal option.

Take off Your Makeup

Properly removing your makeup is an essential part of your skin’s health. Once you remove your makeup, your skin becomes clear and a clean canvas is presented ready to absorb the skin care products. Not removing your makeup clogs up the pores and causes nasty breakouts on the skin. Dermatologists warn against going to bed with a full face of makeup. At times, we become lazy and just want to go to bed, but no laziness is worth clogged up and unhealthy skin. Hence, keep makeup wipes inside your bedside drawers so you can remove makeup easily despite being tired and on your bed.

A Full-body Exam is recommended

Once you turn 30, dermatologists recommend that you get a full-body skin exam. It is important to have an expert look at you once you reach that age. A dermatologist will be able to identify any moles or spots on your body that might potentially be dangerous. Hence, the dermatologist can help guide you in monitoring those moles or spots. Skin cancer is curable in its first stages if it’s caught early on. When people know what to look for and have the right information; it could potentially save their lives.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When we go to sleep our skin and body uses this time to rejuvenate and heal itself. The skin repairs itself and grows new cells. Dermatologists suggest getting at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to have youthful looking skin. A lack of sleep can not only harm your body internally, but it can also cause your face and skin to appear dull.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

Furthermore, another factor that can benefit your skin greatly is exfoliation. Exfoliating the face and the body removes dead skin cells; hence your body becomes smoother and softer. A scrub that contains lactic acid is a really good combo for amazing skin. Not only does exfoliation keep the pores minimized and prevents fine lines from appearing; it also perfectly resurfaces the skin. However, too much exfoliation could harm the skin. People with oily skin should exfoliate twice or three times per week, depending on how oily their skin is. While people with dry skin should exfoliate once or twice per week, depending on how dry their skin is.

Use Your Skincare Products in the Correct Order

For the best result, and utmost penetration, your skincare products should be applied in a certain order. Apply the products with a thin consistency first so they will have a chance to quickly get absorbed into the skin such as a serum and a moisturizer. Then move on to the thicker products like the sunscreen. When you are layering on your products, allow them to get absorbed for about three minutes so they won’t get diluted by the next product you apply on.

In conclusion, whether you have a short skin care routine or a lengthy one, one thing is certain, we all want amazing skin. However, all of us are different and each person has their own unique skin type. Therefore, what we put on our skin matters greatly. Luckily, here at Cirem we are always striving for customer satisfaction. We want our customers, and everybody else, to have flawless radiant skin. Our products use 100% clean and non-toxic ingredients that will not irritate your skin. The formulas of our products are crafted by chemists and beauty experts. Whatever skin type you have, we have a product that can fulfill your skin needs.

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