CIREM Promise

All Skin is Beautiful

Let’s face it, Women constantly go through tremendous pressure to meet the impossible standards of "beauty" in today’s society. We've noticed that too many have felt forced into hiding their beautiful faces behind heavy masks made of foundation and concealer. We want to be among the few that promote the opposite. We believe ALL skin is beautiful and deserves to be seen. Through years of research, generous inclusions of high performance ingredients and quality productions, we hope to help women of every skin type, tone, and texture freely take off their masks and boldly show the world their beautiful skin.

“Made in the U.S.A.”

In the past 10 years, or so, America has made a comeback in manufacturing. Not in huge mills and factories like the days of old, but in one small batch at a time. Small businesses are thriving and small batch production is key to allowing Producers to move their products. Technological innovations, Millennials and Social Media Movements, have all helped small proprietors expose their brand to the masses.

Small batches improve quality, reduce waste, are sustainable and keep wages in the hands of American workers. We are proud to not only develop our own formulas from scratch, but to handle all sides of the business from beginning to end, here in the United States.

Our Dedication to Perfection

For Cirem, the choice to sacrifice quantity to preserve quality was an easy one to make. We do not view each bottle as just a product, but rather an opportunity to change one's life. Through generous amounts of quality ingredients, you’ll be sure to feel the difference in every product. It is our passion to increase self-confidence and boost self-love with every ounce of our handcrafted product.

We promise to never test on any animals, ever! We know exactly what ingredients to use, not to harm anyone’s skin. The only testing we do is on ourselves, volunteers and of course human participants during clinical trials.