The CIREM Story

The Brains Behind the Beauty Brand.
Botanical to bottle. Plant to package. Seed to seal.



The birth of scientifically- advanced skincare imbued with a bevy of natural, beautifying botanicals was initially designed for the most discerning, celebrity clientele who sought ageless, camera-worthy, red carpet-ready complexions without the time-consuming commitments spent in the plastic surgeon’s seat. The most attention-grabbing stars desired and demanded fabulously flawless skin in a flash. What started out as a simple, celeb skin secret concocted in a humble, family-owned pharmacy in the heart of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, eventually morphed into the ever-evolving skincare industry’s best-kept secret. With the proprietary, trade secret Rapid Absorption Technology™ and a first-ever manufacturing hybrid of both cosmetic and pharmaceutical processes, Cirem offers a unique approach to advanced, high-performance, luxury skincare, without the pretentious price tag. Because, every woman deserves to look and feel her best without breaking the bank.



Cirem’s proprietary-blended products feature the HCR skin-solving system – a revolutionary combination of the industry’s hottest hero ingredients to help repair, rejuvenate, renew, revitalize, and reverse existing signs of aging and photo-aging damage. No surgery required! The triple threat effect against aging boasts pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C, retinol, and hyaluronic acid brimming within a bounty of carefully selected, skin-saving, plant-based botanicals. The exclusive, cutting-edge formulations instantly envelop the skin with creamy, cushiony consistency. It’s like sweet, soft marshmallows melting into the skin! With a keen attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to overall health and wellness, the Cirem journey tirelessly strives to exceed the highest of customer expectations and industry standards, alike.



The purity of nature fused with the beauty of science. Every Cirem Cosmetics package is overflowing with the most sought-after, rarest of ingredients and timeless botanicals, expertly formulated with the most advanced scientific technology. Imbue your skin with the best of both beauty worlds – nature and science. Each and every lavish bottle of Cirem Cosmetics is artisan-crafted in small, boutique batches to reduce waste and environmental footprint, while exponentially increasing quality, efficacy, and sustainability. From scratch to shelf, each and every part of the production process takes place in America by American workers. From business to bottling, Cirem takes pride in the painstaking process of manufacturing all their products using a custom cosmetic and pharmaceutical hybrid system, ensuring exceptional, stable, and highly-effective skincare experiences. With each and every pump of product that effortlessly and seamlessly melts into the skin, it is our hope a budding, blissful ritual of self-love will ensue. You can rest assured all Cirem’s luxurious skincare essentials have never been tested on animals, just beauties and #ciremsiren



Following months of fastidious research, routine testing, and demonstrated clinical trials, the first Cirem beauty product was born. The celeb-obsessed Cirem HCR 3-IN-1 Serum is like supercharged “beauty sleep-in-a-bottle,” a powerful beauty potion containing vitamin C, retinol, and hyaluronic acid to deliver unrivaled efficacy – both instantly and over time. A unique, customized cosmetic manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing hybrid, as delegated by the FDA-approved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ensures each and every Cirem beauty product is of medical-grade. Learn more about our innovative manufacturing process by reading our blog.



Originally packaged in simplistic, unassuming amber bottles bursting with gentle, botanicals and highly-concentrated, bio-engineered actives, Cirem Cosmetics has evolved with a more exquisite packaging model that will beautify any bathroom vanity, yet the legendary formula that quickly became the talk of Tinseltown remains the same.