CIREM Cares Kit

The Share Your Beautiful Tour

Cirem Cares, through the Cirem Foundation, is our charitable division of the company. We believe in giving back to those that are less fortunate and may be going through a rough patch in life. Through our nationwide tour, we will be visiting groups that inspire volunteers, help others, provide transitional housing for women and protection for those who need it. We are all beautiful in our own way and we should never let that light go out.


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The Share Your Beautiful Tour kicked off in May 2018, and we are very excited for our team of volunteers' positive wave of inspiration to sweep the nation and remind women across the country that we are all still beautiful, regardless of what journey life has taken us on. With every transitional home visited, a trail of Cirem's Care Kits have been donated to every household. Please follow the tour dates below and let us know if you have any helpful tips, thoughtful suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer as well.