The Science of Luxurious Skin



le départ

Cirem started out in neither boardroom nor lab, but rather a small, family owned compounding pharmacy in Beverly Hills, California. With a bilingual staff in both French and English, a dedication and attention to detail, and a passion to provide effortless wellness, the family-run pharmacy was able to cater to the vast dermatological needs of some of the most wealthy and powerful celebrity clientele in the area. Experts in their field, their ability to formulate and finely tune customized prescription solutions for each patient’s skin care concern was unparalleled. Unfortunately, there was still one problem they noticed with their primary, conventional prescription ingredients’ performance--the side effects.  


le voyage

 A mission was made to set a new standard. With enough ingenuity, research, exploration, and persistence, a better solution could indeed be constructed. One with no side effects, no harsh ingredients, and superior results to meet the growing demand of their illustrious audience. It was the kind of solution only a pharmacy could create, using the same tools and expertise they had been using all along to provide a truly unique and exceptional product. The pharmacist and her staff then embarked on their quest to change the world of cosmetics forever. After weeks of careful study, experimentation and investigation, their first product was born: the “3-IN-1 Serum.” Specially customized to suit the needs of their patients, it’s key ability was not only to deliver exceptional flawlessness, but at the blink of an eye using unmatched Rapid Absorption Technology.™


le début

Confident in their attention to detail, it was then that they knew they were ready to boldly present their finely crafted masterpiece to their famed yet loyal patrons. It was introduced in the same humble, ordinary amber bottles their customers’ representatives had grown accustomed to picking up for their clients but this time with a steadfast promise for vast improvement. Weeks passed and the pharmacy crew waited patiently for feedback when alas, it came. Not only was the serum a success but the demand had quadrupled in only a month’s time. News of the magical, nameless “serum”  had spread overnight amongst every celebrity patient’s assistant and make-up artist in town, declaring it not only helpful but crucial for their clients’ needs. It had the unique power to instantly transform dull, tired skin after even the longest of flights into glowing, “red-carpet-ready” skin upon landing, eliminating the possibility of embarrassing paparazzi photo opportunities. Some make-up artists claimed it even had the power to eliminate the need for foundations and concealers on their clients altogether, saving time and money. More importantly,  the product's unique Rapid Absorption Technology™ had provided most useful as time was something everyone seemed to always be short of. Production substantially increased after each rave review to meet the growing demand for the mystery “serum.” Many years and amber bottles later, it became abundantly clear that a new standard in the cosmetic world had been concocted. With a growing budget and audience, bottles and packages were soon altered to reflect the luxurious power is truly possessed, but the name remained the same--Cirem.


la promesse

Cirem’s promise is to deliver pure and honest results through the use of a very generous inclusion of some of the world’s finest, rare and sumptuous ingredients, regardless of the cost. Venturing where few companies have ever dared to explore, Cirem continues to push the boundaries of what was ever thought possible through a marriage of new and old technologies and techniques borrowed from both pharmaceutical and cosmetic worlds alike. With increasingly innovative formulation techniques and a passion to forever strive for excellence, Cirem proves that quality always conquers quantity with each and every packaged bottle. It is this same integrity that sets the Cirem standard