Rapid Absorption Technology™

What is Rapid Absorption Technology?

Cirem’s, Rapid Absorption Technology™, is the first of it's kind in skincare. Our specially formulated delivery system penetrates layers of skin within seconds, leading to a higher absorption rate of our beneficial ingredients into your skin. Gone are the days of fanning, pacing and hoping your skin will accept the nourishment it craves, so you can move on with your routine. Save precious time and avoid frustration often spent waiting for products to be absorbed.

Rapid Absorption Technology™ is perfect for jetsetters, busy mothers, or any girl on the go finding herself short on time. With Cirem, you can now spend less time in front of the mirror and more time flaunting your beautiful, radiant complexion!

The Cirem Glow

Many of us have grown accustomed to a temporary illusion of luminosity that inferior products give off shortly after they're applied. This illusion is not a genuine glow, but merely product build-up that sits on top of the skin's surface. These costly products fail to perform, often never penetrating skin effectively.

Cirem offers a better solution: products that can be speedily layered and massaged into the skin, even under makeup, without ever sacrificing results. Cirem's hand selected, rich ingredients, are delivered each and every time immediately after application. At Cirem, we not only believe that every #CiremSiren deserves that ever coveted, 24-hour Cirem Glow, but that she shouldn't have to wait for it.

Rapid Absorption Technology™ is a Trade Mark of Cirem Cosmetics