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the cirem story

The Brains Behind the Beauty Brand.

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how it

The birth of CIREM was initially designed for the most discerning, celebrity clientele who sought ageless, camera-worthy, “red-carpet-ready” complexions without the time-consuming commitments spent in a plastic surgeon’s seat. The most attention-grabbing stars desired and demanded fabulously flawless skin in a flash but always seemed to be running out of options and time. What started out as a simple, celeb skin solution, concocted in unassuming amber bottles in a humble, family-owned pharmacy in the heart of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, quickly morphed into the ever-evolving skincare industry’s best-kept secret. With their cutting-edge Rapid Absorption Technology®, and a first-ever manufacturing hybrid of both cosmetic and pharmaceutical processes, Cirem offers a unique approach to advanced, high-performance, luxury skincare, without the pretentious price tag.


the first


The first of many products to come, CIREM developed the HCR Serum, a 3-in-1 skin-solving treatment and revolutionary combination of the industry’s hottest hero ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Retinol. Finally the appearance of rejuvenation, hydration, and a well-rested glow can all be instantly delivered in just one pump. No surgery required! News of this rapidly absorbing formula quickly spread throughout some of Los Angeles’ most elite and affluent communities upon its release, and with it, CIREM’s obvious keen attention to detail, artistry, and unwavering dedication to perfection. With each new product’s creation, the CIREM team tirelessly strives to exceed the highest of customer expectations and industry standards, alike.



our expertise

A performance driven company, CIREM conducts endless research, routine testing, and clinical trials to ensure that every drop of product contains high percentages of rare and scientifically proven actives, expertly formulated with the most advanced technology. Each and every lavish bottle of CIREM is made of recycled materials and contains artisan-crafted product made in small, boutique batches to reduce waste and environmental footprint as well as exponentially increase quality, efficacy, and sustainability.



our promise

From scratch to shelf, CIREM takes pride in the painstaking and sometimes costly process of manufacturing each and every product in America by American workers. CIREM also refuses to conduct animal testing for any of its products. We recognize this method as not only cruel, but unnecessary, and prefer to rely on our extensive pharmaceutical background to deliver safe, skin-loving results. As delegated by the FDA, we use Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure each and every CIREM beauty product is of the highest quality. Learn more about our innovative manufacturing process by reading our blog! CIREM’s packaging has since evolved from its humble beginnings with exquisite, unique, and artistically driven designs, sure to catch eyes and beautify bathroom vanities, yet the legendary formula remains the same.

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