Halloween 2021: Your Halloween Skincare Recovery Guide
October 29, 2021

Halloween 2021: Your Halloween Skincare Recovery Guide

That time of year is finally upon us, and now that Spooky Season has officially begun, it’s time to start thinking about how to win over the crowd with your elaborate costume and makeup, while keeping your skin in healthy condition. The paint, makeup, and fake blood may steal the show at your Halloween party, but after the contest is over, how will your skin recover from a weekend of frightful cosmetics? Let’s take a look at some helpful tips and tricks to make this year’s Halloween an absolute success!


While smooth, flawless skin may be important to you going into Halloween, be careful not to freshen up your skin too much before applying heavy doses of makeup, or paint. Exfoliating opens up your pores, which would allow more oils and chemicals to enter your fresh skin. Save most of these processes for after the matter. When removing your makeup, or paint, try to use a solvent to loosen up heavy applications before harshly scrubbing away at your skin. Most importantly, your skin will need to be moisturized following exposure to harsh materials, so be sure to step up your moisturizing practices for the coming days after the festivities.


Using fake lashes can certainly catch the eyes of your fellow partygoers, but removing them after the fact can be tricky, and potentially damaging. For starters, be careful not to use any glue that might be too strong to remove safely from your skin, and watch how much you apply. Too much glue can damage your skin and could lead to tearing when trying to remove your lashes. Before ripping off your fake lashes, use a solvent to help loosen up the glue, allowing you to safely extract the lashes from your skin. Applying organic olive oil with a cotton ball will do the trick. As always, be careful when applying and removing anything that could harm your eyes.


Now that you have safely removed your paint, lashes, and makeup, it is time for a cleanse. The day after removal is a great time to exfoliate and moisturize. For your post-Halloween routine, visit Cirem and try out their Starter Kit for a great cleansing, healing, and moisturizing trio of products. Your skin will be in dire need of some healing and moisturizing solutions, and Cirem will provide exactly what you need!

Before and After

Everyone has their own unique needs when it comes to skincare, but one thing we all have in common is the need for proper protection and replenishment before and after applications of any substances such as makeup, or paint. Be sure to always take care of your skin, whether you’re painting your face to look like a skeleton, or not. Skincare is an everyday necessity, and without a proper routine, Halloween is the least of your worries. Make sure you’re doing the little things to protect your skin from damaging materials, but especially pay attention to what you’re doing before and after heavy applications of makeup, or paint. Properly apply and remove your Halloween products, and be sure to take care of your skin and give it the attention it needs after the matter. Follow these steps, and you’re sure to crush your Halloween party, and your skin will thank you after!