Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’ve waited until the last minute to plan for Mother’s Day, don’t make the mistake of skipping a gift entirely. Instead, select a gift that you can provide at the last minute that will still be meaningful. Consider these last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas to make sure that your mom still has a special day:

Home Spa Treatments

Consider planning a series of home spa treatments for your mom, either made from store-bought supplies or from treatments that you create on your own in your kitchen. You could create honey oatmeal face masks and sugar exfoliating scrubs, for example, to create an inexpensive spa day for your mom to enjoy. Alternatively, you can find many home spa treatment options in the health and beauty aisle of your favorite department store.

Make a Special Breakfast

Give mom the day off from cooking and make her favorite breakfast, then serve it to her in bed. Breakfast tends to be an easier meal to cook, so consider going all out with French toast or pancakes, breakfast meat, juice, and your mom’s favorite fruit on the side. Make sure that you clean up the kitchen and run the dishwasher, as well, so that you don’t leave a mess that she’ll have to clean up when you’re finished.

Schedule a Massage

Few things are more relaxing than a professional massage. They’re great for unwinding tight muscles, fixing chronic pain, and lowering stress. With Mother’s Day approaching, consider either scheduling a massage appointment for your mom or purchasing her a gift certificate so that she can make her appointment when it’s most convenient. This helps make sure that she gets the time that she needs to take care of herself.

Clean the House

Mothers consistently manage a wide variety of household tasks while keeping up with them while keeping the house clean can be exhausting. Take care of your mom this Mother’s Day by either hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your mom’s home or by cleaning it yourself. Either option ensures that she has the clean house that she prefers without lifting a finger.

Take Mom Shopping

There’s a decent chance that your mother wants one or more specific items but hasn’t been willing to invest the money to purchase them for herself. Consider offering to take your Mom shopping for Mother’s Day, visiting a few of her favorite stores. You’ll get to spend quality time together, and she’ll wind up with a lovely gift in the process. Plan to spend the day out, and you can even take her to her favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner, although you may not want to attempt this on Mother’s Day itself due to the crowds.

Schedule Professional Spa Treatments

Set up appointments for your mom to enjoy a few professional spa treatments, like a facial, manicure, and pedicure. These treatments tend to be very relaxing and enjoyable when they’re handled by a professional. Consider scheduling the appointments a little after Mother’s Day, purchasing a gift certificate to the spa, and giving it to your mom for Mother’s Day as a gift. Then she can make the appointments on her own for a day and time convenient for her.

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate your mother and the hard work she does throughout the year. If you’ve forgotten about this critical May holiday, and it’s caught you unprepared, consider opting for one of these easy last-minute gifts. Your mom will feel valued and appreciated, and you’ll have saved the holiday with a bit of creativity.