Skincare Habits Can Change in the Spring
April 28, 2021

Skincare Habits Can Change in the Spring

People who have detailed skincare routines will typically have some of the same habits from season to season. However, as it becomes warmer outside, people’s habits will need to change. They will need to make sure that their daily skincare starts to reflect the new weather.

Sun Protection

Some of these changes will be especially important for people who live somewhat differently as the new seasons begin. People who spend a lot of time indoors in the spring may not need to wear more sunscreen.

However, it’s more common for people to spend much more time outdoors as the weather becomes a little warmer, and many people are excited to do so. They’ll need to make sure that they wear sunscreen almost as regularly as they do in the summer.

Many people still only wear sunscreen at the beach. Although, it’s possible to get a sunburn at any time and in any place. People will also be slowly damaging their skin when they go outside without proper sun protection. Photoaging occurs during these points in time, and the effects will slowly add up eventually.

The springtime sun might look pretty mild compared to the summer sun. However, people are often confusing the sun’s heat with light in these instances. Even if the sun doesn’t feel as warm, there can be just as much light. A warmer day might not necessarily cause more sunburns. People might still get sunburns in the spring, even if it does not seem like that at first.

Fortunately, most people will not have to make any changes as they try to add sunscreen to their daily routines because they already wear sunscreen during the winter. People will go outside more often in the spring, making it necessary to put on sunscreen more frequently.


When making these changes, you should also remember that using retinol and creams containing retinol makes a person’s skin less tolerant to the sun. However, for many people, this might not make that much of a difference, as they are not outdoors enough for it to matter.

As people start to spend a lot of time outdoors in the spring, they should make sure they time their retinol use. Otherwise, they could end up weakening their skin and subjecting it to more photoaging. Some people might be affected by the sun in other ways from a new regimen like this. People who decide to use retinol right away, starting in the spring, should also be a little more cautious if they are not used to using a lot of sunscreen at this time. They need to be mindful of the ways that this sort of skincare routine can affect them.

Some people can also switch to a different moisturizing product at this time. They might not need one that contains as much vitamin A or other nutrients and can use less because they will not have to deal with a lot of dry winter skin. Some people have dry skin issues all year, and they might still need to use the same moisturizing cream throughout the year. If you can start using more cream at night and less during the day, it could help with other issues.