Your March Skin Care Routine Has Arrived
March 30, 2021

Your March Skin Care Routine Has Arrived

It’s March, and with warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to switch up your winter skincare routine to fit your spring/summer needs. Although everyone has different skin issues, goals, and concerns, there are certain skincare rules that apply to almost everyone. Here at Cirem, we have put together some essential skincare tips, which will help you get your skin ready in time for the new season.

Cleanse Your Skin
The ideal routine for cleaning your skin is cleansing it once in the morning and the evening. Cleaning your skin in the morning helps to remove oil and sweat that has accumulated while you’ve slept. If your skin tends to be dry, using water only in the morning will help to prevent excess drying throughout the day. Cleansing your skin in the evening should never be skipped because it’s vital for removing makeup and daytime skincare products as well as the pollutants, dead skin cells, sweat, and oil that has collected on your skin throughout the day.

When choosing your facial cleanser, it’s best to select products that are mild and hydrating. Regardless of the type, skin will typically always accept a hydrating cleanser, especially one that is fragrance-free and contains only minimal ingredients. Also, try to use a cleanser with glycerin and ceramides, which will help to improve your skin’s barrier. An excellent suggestion that’s appropriate for cleansing in the evening is our Mending Moon Moonglow Cleansing Balm, which works to relax the complexion to reveal soft skin.

After cleansing, it is critical to use a moisturizer. Fragrance-free and oil-free creams are beneficial for all types, including individuals with sensitive and acne-prone skin. Additionally, before using a moisturizing product, make sure to read the ingredients. An ideal moisturizer for all skin types contains Vitamin C, ceramides, and other skin-nourishing ingredients. A perfect option for moisturization is our YouthBoost Diamond Moisturizing Cream, which is packed with various natural and beneficial ingredients, such as B vitamins, caviar, and white tea-leaf extract. It’s important to remember that skipping a daily moisturizer isn’t protecting yourself if you have acne-prone or oily skin. Regardless of how oily your skin may feel, without hydration, it will become dry and irritated.

Defend and Protect
The first and most important line of defense and protection for your skin is sunscreen. The UV rays of the sun can cause serious and significant damage to your skin, so even if you choose not to use any other types of skincare, do not skip sunscreen. Choosing a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher is very important, and you should apply it every day, even if it’s a cloudy day. An ideal choice for this is our Skinsurance Protective Sunscreen, which is filled with nourishing ingredients, such as fatty acids and antioxidants to help soften and hydrate your skin, and green tea extract. This blend will help you protect your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals, all while protecting against dangerous UV rays.

In addition to your daily skincare routine, including an occasional face mask or facial serum underneath your moisturizer is great for an added boost of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. However, make sure to choose types of products targeted for your specific skin type/issues. Also, keep in mind that taking the time to care for yourself isn’t considered an indulgence or a luxury; it’s a necessity, especially when it comes to skincare.